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We are looking for people who have the gifts the Presbytery of Charlotte needs to assist it in fulfilling the many parts of its mission. Please review the list of committees and let the COR know which persons – within or outside your congregation – you believe have the talents, abilities, faith, and skills needed to assist a particular committee in its work. Self-Nominations are appropriate and are welcomed!
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Brief Description of Presbytery Committees

Church Development: The Church Development Committee (CDC) is responsible for those areas that pertain to Evangelism, New Church Development, Church Transformation and Small Church Ministries.

Committee On Ministry (COM): The COM develops and maintains mechanisms and processes regarding teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders and certified Christian educators of the presbytery; facilitates relations between the presbytery and its congregations; and settles difficulties in those relationships on behalf of presbytery.

Committee on Preparation For Ministry (CPM): Encourages persons who have the appropriate gifts and talents to become candidates for the ministry of Word and Sacrament, oversees their education, and examines those who are preparing for ordination.

Committee on Representation (COR): Nominates to Presbytery prospective members of Ecclesiastical and Program Committees in accordance with the Book of Order and Presbytery of Charlotte guidelines. Ensures that the committees of Presbytery and other related bodies follow the constitutional guidelines for inclusiveness.

Council: Council is the coordinating body empowered by and responsible to Presbytery. The Council has the duties and responsibilities given to it by the Book of Order and by the Presbytery. Responsibilities include communication, fiduciary matters, covenants of agreement with institutions, personnel, planning & evaluation, and property issues.

Leadership Development: The Leadership Development Committee seeks to build bridges of hope through healthy relationships and by equipping leaders for service to and for Christ’s Church.

Mission, Justice & Outreach: Seeks to partner in ministry with the diverse congregations of the Presbytery, encouraging and empowering ministry beyond what congregations can do independently. The committee also seeks to link congregations with mission, justice and outreach emphases of the higher governing bodies of the PC(USA).

Permanent Judicial Commission: Hears and acts upon any ecclesiastical judicial cases at the Presbytery level.

Personnel: The Personnel Committee develops and maintains policies and procedures for the employment, nurture, and evaluation of all staff of the Presbytery of Charlotte.

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