“As the one who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct.”
(1 Peter 1:15)

Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training  – At the 104th Stated Meeting of the Presbytery of Charlotte, it was moved and approved that all active ministers, Commissioned Lay Pastors (CLPs), certified educators, candidates/inquirers under our care, COM, CPM and PJC members be required to attend sexual misconduct training. To insure participation, COM will not attest or re-attest PIFs, CLPs will not be commissioned nor will qualified candidates/inquirers be allowed to serve congregations.

for the 
September 16th training event
at Sardis Presbyterian Church

FACILITATOR: Susan Mazarra, Ruling Elder, New Hope Presbytery
$20 registration
(includes lunch and materials)

Read a few testimonials from those that participated in
Healthy Boundaries Training in 2016:

“The Boundary Training was done in a professional manner. The modules were engaging and gave time for small group discussions. Case studies were most helpful as each group was able to share our experiences and stories that helped everyone think deeper about the importance of this topic. I found the four part videos “A Sacred Trust” to be very informative, relevant. The facilitator’s opening devotional was heartfelt and meaningful. The entire presentation was very professional manner and allowed ample space for all to participate.”Pat Reid, Ruling Elder, McClintock Presbyterian Church
“A seminary professor often told us, “You don’t know what you don’t know–or what you’ve forgotten!” Having been through several similar trainings, I was reminded in this training that I always have more to learn and a continuing need for self-awareness.”  –Stephen Ratliff, Teaching Elder, Christ Presbyterian Church
“At first glance, the event we are to attend concerning “healthy boundaries” seems like just one more thing to do. The benefit to me was the fellowship with other Teaching Elders, Commissioned Ruling Elders and others in attendance. Each of us around the table had stories to tell that helped the rest of us better process what was being taught. The material was a great reminder about the trust others place in us and how easily that trust can be broken and lives shattered.” TJ Thompson, Teaching Elder, Cook’s Memorial Presbyterian Church
“As a seasoned Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbytery of Charlotte, I have found the Boundaries Training one of the most helpful training available. Ministers deal with the hearts of people who are fragile and vulnerable, so as they pour out their emotions, healthy boundaries are a must. I highly recommend this training as a ongoing tooling for all ordered ministries of the church. Further, anyone who works with people will find the training invaluable.”Flo Watkins, Teaching Elder, Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church
“The principles of Healthy Boundaries can be applied broadly to preserve integrity in a variety of intimate professional relationships characterized by the complex interaction of power and vulnerability – not only concerning sexual activity, and including, for example, issues that arise in financial relationships. All those who work in professional settings can benefit, although the focus is on ministerial relationships throughout.” – Paul Pedigo, Ruling Elder, Charlotte Covenant Presbyterian Church