The Presbytery of Charlotte voted on a new structure at its May 16, 2017, Presbytery meeting. The last time there was a new structure for the ministry of the Presbytery was in 1989 when Mecklenburg Presbytery merged with Catawba, Fayetteville and Concord Presbyteries to become Charlotte Presbytery. In light of this, the Council will hold eleven gatherings around the Presbytery, inviting 5 to 11 congregations to each gathering. At these meetings, the new structure will be explained, especially how the new structure serves congregations. Please CLICK HERE to find the gatherings that will be held in your cluster. Your church has been invited to one of the gatherings. If the date your church was assigned is not a good date for your church, please choose another date and location. Closer to the date, we will ask for an estimated count of how many will be attending from your church. We are hoping that 5 or more from each church will be present.  

Mark your calendars!
It is the hope and prayer of the Council that through this new structure and through the ministries throughout the Presbytery of Charlotte we will serve the risen Christ and Christ’s people in even more vital ways.

Thank you all and bless you all!
Rev. Betty Meadows
Transitional General Presbyter

Presbytery Strategic

approved May 16, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions
about the new Strategic Plan


Council Moderator
Donnie Shrum


2017 Presbytery Moderator
Rev. Gloria Bolden

2017 Presbytery Vice-Moderator
Rev. Luke Maybry

2017 Presbytery Budget
(approved 10/25/2016)

Presbytery of Charlotte
Standing Rules/Administrative Manual 

Presbytery of Charlotte, Inc.  ByLaws 

Presbytery Gracious Dismissal Policy
(revised October 2012)

Advisory Handbook for Councils for the
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Sample By-Laws for Congregations 


Yes, it’s true! Stewardship is not just something to think about when working on the annual budget. It is – or should be – a matter for consideration throughout the year. Thus, Ambassadors from the Presbytery Stewardship Team are available to talk with Sessions and stewardship leaders not only now, but into the coming year.If you are a pastor or stewardship chairperson and not yet had a conversation with your Stewardship Ambassador, don’t wait until next year’s annual campaign is staring you in the face! Schedule your meeting now! The visit from your Ambassador offers the opportunity to examine your congregation’s stewardship ministry and perhaps surface new ideas, as well as generate enthusiasm and what one pastor has called “positive energy” about stewardship. So, pastors and/or stewardship leaders, contact the Ambassador responsible for your cluster to schedule your meeting. You will be glad you did!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the ambassador assigned to your cluster and arrange a time for them to meet with your church leaders.
North Cluster Ambassador:
Fred Rose
South Cluster Ambassador:
Bill Cockrill
East Cluster Ambassador:
Grace Lindvall
West Cluster Ambassador:
Clark Remsburg