Mission, Justice & Outreach

Mission, Justice & Outreach Committee

Rev. Amantha Barbee, MJO Moderator
Email: revbarbee@sapresby.org 

Fred Wally (Chair, Community Disaster Response Team – CDRT)
Phone: 704-892-1580
Email: presby.disaster.response@gmail.com

Rev. John Gerstenmier (Chair of  Hunger Action Work Group –  “HAWG”)
Email: jgerstenmier@yahoo.com

Rosemary Klein (Chair of Self-Development of People)
Email: klein924@earthlink.net

Dennis Testerman (Stewardship of Creation Enabler)
Email: preach84@hotmail.com

Rev. Rusty Benton
Email: rusty@philadelphiachurch.org

Shirley Elder 
Cell: 704-281-6868
Email: shirleyjelder@hotmail.com

Rev. Elliott Hipp
Email: deh46@columbia.edu

Rosemary Klein
Email: klein924@earthlink.net

Rev. Derek MacLeod
Email: dmacleod@myersparkpres.org

Bill Pride

Rev. Joanna Hipp
Email: joanna@ppc1767.org

The Sub-Groups that fall under the direction of Mission, Justice and Outreach are:

HAWG – Hunger Action Work Group

The HAWG maintains and distributes the Ten-Cents-a-Meal and the Hearts for Hunger offerings from the churches and individuals. An application process is mandated for both funds w/ committee having oversight in distribution of funds. In 2016, the congregations within the POC gave over $190,000 for Ten-Cents-a-Meal and funds were distributed to approximately 60 agencies throughout our Presbytery bounds. OGHS also comes under this group encouraging our churches to take part in this PCUSA offering and receiving funding back during the year from this fund for local ministries – SDOP, Hunger and Disaster.


SDOP is a program area of the PCUSA receiving funding from the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering to provide grants that empower individuals for self-development – empowering the person, their families and others like them. This group meets to educate our churches and our community about the PCUSA SDOP program and of funding available thru national and local levels. This group accepts proposals from our community for SDOP local funding – having site visits and conversation on approval of this fund – local SDOP monies come from a portion of what the POC and its churches submit from the OGHS each year. We also endorse national SDOP applications if the committee approves.

Formed in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd struck North Carolina, this Presbytery of Charlotte ministry has had to mature from necessity responding to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and its challenging aftermath. Since then we’ve continued to…
     *sponsor and support mission trips primarily throughout North Carolina and the Southeast  
     *supply our churches with onsite trailers for food, clothing and disaster supply collections
     *provide low‐no cost supplies transportation for local agencies/disaster relief/Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

The four ministries of the Community Disaster Response Team are:

Shower Building/Trailer Ministry ‐ supply shower buildings and trailers for church collection drives and disasters
Transportation ‐ move food, medical and disaster supplies for local and national non‐profit agencies  
Mission Work Trips ‐ sponsor, lead and support teams working in local, state and national relief areas   
Disaster Readiness ‐ provide guidance, encourage each Presbytery church to prepare a disaster plan

The Mission, Justice and Outreach Committee has other ministries & programs that fall under their umbrella, such as:

  • Human Trafficking Awareness
  • Support of Mecklenburg Ministries 
  • Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention
  • Stewardship of Creation / Earth Care Congregations
  • Advocacy & Justice for Human Rights Issues

The Mission, Justice and Outreach program area of the Presbytery
stays busy changing as our congregations’ needs change,
incorporating programs and resources with input from
the members and congregations of the Presbytery of Charlotte.