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The Presbytery of Charlotte’s Community Disaster Response Team invites you to become a part of this ACTION ministry!

Formed in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd struck North Carolina, this Presbytery of Charlotte ministry has had to mature from necessity responding to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and its challenging aftermath. Since then we’ve continued to…

* sponsor and support mission trips primarily throughout North Carolina and the Southeast
* supply our churches with onsite trailers for food, clothing and disaster supply collections
* provide low-no cost supplies transportation for local agencies/Haitian relief/ Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

The Community Disaster Response Team of the Presbytery of Charlotte has been working to develop a plan in the event of a disaster/crisis inside or outside of our Presbytery bounds.  We are continuously identifying the churches, individuals and groups willing to respond in various ways to the ministry of disaster/crisis response. Church World Service defines a disaster as an occurrence – whether it’s a shooting, terrorist attack, or tornado that – “produces human suffering or creates human needs that survivors cannot alleviate without assistance.”

Fred Wally, Moderator
Phone: 704-892-1580  Email:


This is a great project for Church Mission Teams, Presbyterian Men/Women, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts, etc.  Funding is provided by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Churches do not have to provide funding for the building projects, but may make a contribution if desired. Each completed building is the property of the Presbytery of Charlotte.

1: Church representative contacts the Presbytery’s Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) and expresses interest in construction
2:   CDRT will meet with your church and explain the building project and what is required
3:   If your church decides to take on the project, we will discuss whether you want to do a complete building with electrical and plumbing or if you want the CDRT to do electrical and plumbing installation.
4:  CDRT will supply the church with all materials and plans to construct a shower building
5:  The CDRT is available during construction if problems or questions come up.
6:  Once the building is completed, we load it onto a trailer and put it in storage until needed at a site.


Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in nearly a decade. The storm is responsible for major flooding and wind damage throughout the Southeastern United States after causing major destruction and flooding in Haiti and other Caribbean islands. The Community Disaster Response Team is continuing the “Clean-Up Buckets” drive with a goal to collect 500 or more buckets – mainly for the sandhills and coastal regions of the Carolinas. **Please try to purchase items in sizes as close as possible to the listed description. Buckets may be dropped off at: Bethpage Presbyterian Church, 6020 Mooresville Rd., Kannapolis, NC
(*please contact Fred Wally at or phone 704-892-1580 before delivering items to Bethpage)

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