Presbytery of Charlotte’s
Committee on Preparation for Ministry:

To schedule a meeting with the CPM,
CLICK HERE to access the interview request webpage
and complete the request form. 
One of the co-moderators will
confirm your meeting time with you after you have requested an interview.
CPM Email: presbyteryofcharlottecpm@gmail.com 

Nancy Finlayson, Co-Moderator               nancy11451@gmail.com  

Rev. Deborah Conner, Co-Moderator        dconner@myersparkpres.org

Alfreto Alexander                alfreto2@bellsouth.net 

Rev. Hillary Cheek               associatepastor@hopewellpresbyterian.com 

Riley Burgess                       rburgess@woodbinedesign.com

Olanda Carr                          olanda.carr@presbyterianfoundation.org

Rev. Urla Eversley               ueversley@gmail.com 

Rev. Christopher Lee           chris@avondalepresbychurch.org

Elizabeth Little                     elittle@pensions.org

Anne McQuiston                   amcquiston@unidial.com

Rev. Ron Nelson                   ron@sharonpcusa.org

Felicia Pine                            fpine@carolina.rr.com 

Hope Plunket                         hplunket@carolina.rr.com

Rev. Laura Rasmussen          laurar@mallardcreekchurch.org 

George Raftelis                      graftelis@raftelis.com

Rev. Lal Rodawla                   lal@ppc1767.org


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