You are encouraged to attend Dismantling Racism training hosted by The Charlotte Presbytery, and led by Dismantling Racism Works:

This is a two-day, intensive training that helps to provide a race analysis, historical and contextual factors for race, and a foundational vocabulary. This workshop also connects the dots between the origins of race in the early construction of America to today’s current systemic racial inequities across our nation.

As we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves, the Charlotte Presbytery is calling on every teaching elder to commit to this training in 2017. Together, this work is a tangible act toward building trust and reconciliation in a way that enhances our leadership as teaching elders. Our collective effort also models the seriousness with which our Presbytery engages the injustice of racism in our world, our city and towns, and especially our churches. If we, The Church, hope to shine the bright light of Christ in the dark places of this world, then each of us must be responsible for our own awareness and education. Otherwise, the shadows of our own bias’s remain.