Ten Cents-A-Meal Program

Ten Cents-A-Meal Program

List of Approved Ten Cents-a-Meal Recipients for 2024:

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for the Ten Cents-a-Meal Program (revised March 2024)


(All monies granted stay within the bounds of Charlotte Presbytery)

Jim Bramlett, Chair of TCaM
 Email: jbram1211@gmail.com

The support of our Presbytery members and churches continues to grow over the years. You have gotten the word out to identify the need and you have brought the offerings in to address the needs in response to our Lord’s directive, “Feed My Sheep”.

It is our hope that the Ten Cents-a-Meal program will continue to bolster the food security programs throughout our many varied communities of Charlotte Presbytery. At the same time, Ten Cents-a-Meal is designed to empower the outreach ministries of your church into the community you serve, thus enhancing your witness of God’s Love and Care for your neighbors in need.

Receive our thanks for your mutual support for Ten Cents-a-Meal. Rejoice with us that God continues to grow and bless the Ten Cents-a-Meal program as we feed all of God’s children across fields of Charlotte Presbytery.
Your TCaM Team

Resources for Your Church to Promote TCaM:
Ten Cents-a-Meal flyer (full page)
Ten Cents-a-Meal flyer (2 per page)
Ten Cents-a-Meal Trifold Brochure  (2-sided pdf) 

The Presbytery of Charlotte’s Ten Cents-a-Meal Program uses as its guide the Common Affirmation on Global Hunger of the Presbyterian Church (USA) which outlines five ways the Presbyterian Hunger Program follows to help reduce hunger and relieve suffering:
Direct Food Relief
to people suffering from chronic or acute hunger in the United States and around the world. Grants are allocated to such things as shelters, pantries and missions.

Development Assistance which includes teaching poor people better agriculture and nutrition techniques, public health, family planning, community organizing and economic development.

Public Policy which advocates, through peaceful means, political or economic policy changes to provide more food in the United States and other nations, empower self-development or promote freedom from oppressive and unjust systems that fail to meet basic needs.

Lifestyle Integrity through which the Church teaches awareness of the Earth’s limited resources and promotes personal living and corporate practice that move the world toward the sustainable use of resources.

Education and Interpretation, which involves teaching the public about the root causes of hunger and motivates people to act and to educate others.

The Ten Cents-a-Meal Program has seen increased need for Food Security Ministries and Missions” throughout the region served by the Presbytery of Charlotte. Applicant needs far surpass the resources available, with resulting support in recent years only able to provide approximately half the validated needs requested. Recognizing the area of Food Security and Nutrition as our primary outreach focus, the Ten Cents-a-Meal grant cycle will only consider awarding grants to provide partial assistance for consumable food items only.

Using the same passage Two and Five Cents-a-Meal has used since 1982
“Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of my brothers, you have done it unto me.” – Matthew 25:40