COM and Cluster Meeting Dates 2021  
COM Ministry Model – January 2021
COM Church Liaisons Listed by Cluster 

Liaison’s Initial Contact with Church 
Liaison’s Suggested Questions for Session 
Cluster Leader Report Form 
Steps for a COM Liaison Working with a PNC or APNC 
SafeHiring Solutions Authorization Form  
Cluster Transfer Procedures 

Transfers Interview Check List 
New Minister Information Form
Ordination/Installation Commission Form and Guidelines
Exit Interview (for Session and Pastor) 

New Ministers’ Information:
Who’s Who in the Presbytery – 2021 Leaders 
Presbytery Resources – Quick Contact Info 
Resources from the 6 Agencies of the PC(USA) for Congregations 
Board of Pensions Benefits Information

Board of Pensions Minister’s Choice Plan
     Who’s eligible?
     *Any minister who is not an installed pastor.
     *Must be employed at least 20 hours per week.
     *Installed pastors must be enrolled for Pastor’s Participation, and employers may choose to enroll any minister who works at least 20 hours per week for Pastor’s Participation.