International Mission Work Opportunities

Mission Trips sponsored by World of God and Friends of OFCB
Haiti: June 1-6 and September 13-19
Uganda: October 18-27

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“Place of Hopes, Inc.” and members of Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church served on a mission trip in Cameroon March 17-27, 2010. “Our experiences with the people in all the communities were the highlight of the trip. Reaching out, loving, touching, hugging, playing with, and connecting with all the people made each day special.” – excerpt from Abong Fankam, director, Place of Hopes, Inc. Read more about this recent mission trip. Place of Hopes is committed to providing backpacks, school supplies, school tuition, teachers salaries and uniforms to children in Cameroon who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Visit the website:
Click to view a YouTube video for Places of Hope

El Salvador (Getsemaní Project)
There is a small community near the city of Ahuachapán on the western edge of El Salvador where 632 people are living in very substandard conditions. The majority of the families have monthly incomes between $100 & $200. Many adults work as housekeepers, security guards and vendors in the market. The community has a housing deficit of more than 50%; many families live in metal shacks or bamboo-mud structures.
Nonetheless, the community is blessed with empowered leaders with great vision. Through sheer determination, they have completed major projects like electrification, land legalization for the majority of families & household potable water. Still, there is a very long road to travel.
Myers Park Presbyterian Church and Habitat for Humanity El Salvador are partnering as the two anchors in a holistic three-year project, collaborating with the Getsemaní community leaders to ensure that their priorities and hopes are foremost.
In addition to providing a total of 90 housing solutions, “Strengthening the Getsemaní Community” partnership includes the development and implementation of sustainable programs in values education, community health, micro-entrepreneurship, community leadership, and cultural exchange with national and international groups.
The holistic nature of this partnership provides opportunities for many partners, both locally and internationally, including local government and other organizations from the non-profit and private sector. Please prayerfully consider your strengths and where they can be put to good use in this amazing expression of God at work in our world. We invite you to visit the Strengthening the Getsemaní Community blog for more information and updates:

“Orphans to Ambassadors”
“Orphans to Ambassadors provides disadvantaged and orphaned children the opportunity to rise out of poverty with sustainable education and practices. The skills, knowledge and abilities that come from developing their own long-term resource solutions empowers children and allows them to become ambassadors of goodwill and sustainability to other children and communities around the world.”
Jake Gentry, Founder

Orphans to Ambassadors is a volunteer run non-profit and our supporters do important work raising awareness and finding resources for our projects around the world. Funds raised for technologies like solar panels, water filters, electric stoves, crop seedlings and school tuitions make sustainable orphanages a reality. If you’d like to help us meet our goals, please consider volunteering or making a donation. We’re always looking for Volunteers and help developing: update our Website, Design a T-shirt, or Research Sustainable Technologies. 
We chose ‘Orphans to Ambassadors’ because the children we support are fully capable of installing, operating, and maintaining each sustainable technology. With adequate knowledge of the technology, these children will have first-hand experience with renewable technologies and be able to pass that knowledge along to their communities and other orphanages as they become adults. Once empowered, these children become ambassadors of goodwill and sustainable education around the world. If you would like to support us, please consider making a donation or find out about how you can become involved, visit our website: 

Living Waters for the World
Living Waters for the World is a global mission that works to provide clean safe drinking water for those in need. Volunteers are needed to support the development of a water system work group. If you are interested or just have question about clean water projects please call Jim Bramlett: Home 704-932-5876; Cell 980-621-7635; Office 980-212-1760 or Email