Committee on Preparation for Ministry:
To schedule a meeting with the CPM,
CLICK HERE to access the interview request webpage
and complete the request form. 
One of the co-moderators will
confirm your meeting time with you after you have requested an interview.
CPM Email: presbyteryofcharlottecpm@gmail.com

Kathy Pilkington          pilkingtoncarolinablue@gmail.com
Rev. Chaz Blasdell       blasdellc@gmail.com


Rev. Lynn Thompson Bryant
Email: ltb4unc@alumni.unc.edu

Barbara Carr
Email: bcarr1023@icloud.com

Rev. Deborah Conner
Email: deborahconner701@gmail.com

Rev. James Ewing
Email: jim@avondalepresbychurch.org

Berniece Grier
Email: berg7620@aol.com

David Harris
Email: wilson.david.harris@gmail.com

Rev. John Hart
Email: John64520154@icloud.com

Rev. Rebecca Heilman Campbell
Email: rebeccamh1229@gmail.com

Rev. Lisa Hickman
Email: lhickman@myersparkpres.org

Libba Hicks
Email: lhicks520@yahoo.com

Gerald Jackson
Email: gjackson949@gmail.com

Hilda Jones
Email: hggjones@gmail.com

Rev. Fred Lyon
Email: fclyon2@gmail.com

Eric McCaw
Email: EMcCaw@gmail.com

Rev. Lib McGregor Simmons
Email: libmcgregorsimmons@gmail.com

Waldo Miller
Email: waldofay.miller2@att.net

Sherry Nelson
Email: msdnelson7@bellsouth.net

Rev. Lal Rodawla
Email: lal@ppc1767.org

Rev. John Ryan
Email: jryan@dcpc.org

Deloris Shelton
Email: deloris6910@att.net

Tom Skinner
Email: tomfskinner@gmail.com

Rev. Danny Trapp
Email: dtrapp@carolina.rr.com