Resource Center

Resource Center

Resource Center Director: Renda Brinson
Located at Union Presbyterian Seminary
5141 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC in Room C203


The Union Presbyterian Seminary Charlotte Campus remains closed through this semester. We are opening on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for students and members of the Presbytery to have access to our Resource Center and Library. We will also work with you to get the resources you may need for Lent and other planning. Here is how we can help:
•Schedule appointments
•You can see resources at our website.
•We can photograph or scan the Table of Contents of Resources so you may see even more of the content and our books are linked to the Amazon website where you can gather further information.
•We can bring resources to your car or leave on our pick-up cart if you prefer no contact pick-up
•We may find additional ways to deliver resources if needed
If you have questions, please feel free to call Renda Brinson (704-458-0366) to help you decide how we may help you.

Contact Renda Brinson, Director of the Presbytery of Charlotte Resource Center at if you wish to have items pulled for you to pick up.

Visit our new website:

New materials will be pictured first, the most recent are in the order of recent purchases. If you ever have any issues with the website, please let me know and I will be glad to help you. We are still working to get electronic check-out – a large project but in our plans. We hope that you will be able in the future to know whether a book is checked out and reserve online. 


While we continue to search for new ways of doing the traditional events, we often find ourselves with an excellent new thing. Here is the link to our 2021 Virtual Vacation Bible School showcase:
When you go to the link you will find reviews of 17 VBS curricula. The last attachment is an overview comparison chart.
Each individual curriculum has a PDF overview of the curriculum and a video (or more) that gives more information about the curriculum, presented by a Union Presbyterian Seminary (Charlotte Campus) student.
If after viewing you want to see any curriculum, please contact Renda Brinson, and we will make an appointment to have a hands-on look at the ones you need to investigate further.
We greatly appreciate the work of the students, and their professor, Rev. Dr. Rebecca Davis. They have done a wonderful job and we thank them for sharing their work with the Presbytery. You will be amazed be  amazed by their creativity and the attention to detail in their reviews.


The Presbytery Reading Group is up and running online. The group has returned to our regular meeting schedule of the fourth Thursday each month at 10:30. We will meet through ZOOM for the next few months and reevaluate as we move forward. We have an exciting list of books to read and discuss planned for the next four months. 

Contact Renda Brinson for the ZOOM invitation to join this group. We enjoy discussions that are fun, lively, and insightful and we would love for our group to expand to include you! Email: We send the Zoom invitations out the Tuesday before our meetings.

Here is our reading schedule:

March 25 and April 22, 2021
Our selection is longer and a subject we want to give time to discuss, so we will read and discuss the two halves of the book over two months.
CASTE, The Origins of our Discontent, by Isabel Wilkerson – In this brilliant book, Isabel Wilkerson gives us a masterful portrait of an unseen phenomenon in America as she explores, through an immersive, deeply researched narrative and stories about real people, how America today and throughout its history has been shaped by a hidden caste system, a rigid hierarchy of human rankings.



May 27, 2021
A CHILDREN’S BIBLE by Lydia Millet – follows a group of twelve eerily mature children on a forced vacation with their families at a sprawling lakeside mansion. Contemptuous of their parents, who pass their days in a stupor of liquor, drugs, and sex, the children feel neglected and suffocated at the same time. When a destructive storm descends on the summer estate, the group’s ringleaders—including Eve, who narrates the story—decide to run away, leading the younger ones on a dangerous foray into the apocalyptic chaos outside. As the scenes of devastation begin to mimic events in the dog-eared picture Bible carried around by her beloved little brother, Eve devotes herself to keeping him safe from harm.